Month: December 2013

Eczema, baby!



A little patience.

What did I learn today? I often ask myself this when the ninjas are asleep and the house is quiet. I look back on the moments when I lost my temper – because we all do – with disappointment and pray that tomorrow I’ll have more patience when I’m feeling spread thin.

I pray for patience a lot, but today I learned to find it in each challenge I face. Each challenge, challenges me to be patient in my response to it. Each challenge tests my patience. When this dawned on me I felt a tear fall. The answer had been there all along. (more…)


I have two ninjas running amok in my house (Ninja #1 is 3 years-old; Ninja #2 is 5-months). Their resourcefulness astonishes me. Today, during a dreary 30-minute lunch, they developed a secret code now used to delay important missions. Example: Ninja #1 now uses said code to impede consumption of the evening meal. Procrastination. (more…)