A little patience.

What did I learn today? I often ask myself this when the ninjas are asleep and the house is quiet. I look back on the moments when I lost my temper – because we all do – with disappointment and pray that tomorrow I’ll have more patience when I’m feeling spread thin.

I pray for patience a lot, but today I learned to find it in each challenge I face. Each challenge, challenges me to be patient in my response to it. Each challenge tests my patience. When this dawned on me I felt a tear fall. The answer had been there all along.

Lately, it seems my temper shows itself more often than I’d like. With my husband deployed for another year, I am a lonely parent taking on the task of two for my ninjas. I’m happy to do it. It is my job, and I am blessed to have it. But, at times, the responsibility of being a mother and father to my two ninjas weighs heavily on my shoulders. The inevitable breakdown will come, and pass.

As a military spouse of eight years, I’m used to separation and deployments. My breakdown usually comes halfway through the tour and lasts a day or two. What can you do? I let it come, and then I let it go. There’s no need to hang onto it. There are always other things that need more attention during the day and I consider them to be more important. They are my sons and they need my patient understanding to help them get through the day.

What did you learn today?



  1. What a wonderful post. I think we all need some more patience (I for sure!) I think you are so strong and admire you! Lets pray for each other! Xo Bethany


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