Eczema, baby!

Eczema. I’ll just state my feelings on this disease-without-a-cure right away. Puh.

My oldest Ninja (a.k.a. Ninja #1), was diagnosed with severe chronic eczema when he was 20-months. We were stationed in Guam, but my husband was deployed in Afghanistan. My son’s body was covered in itchy, red lesions that burned his skin and kept him awake at night. None of the medications the doctors prescribed made a dent in his eczema. All I could do to help him was hug him and pray. I’ve done a lot of  praying over the last year-and-a-half.

My Ninja is 3 years-old now. He still has eczema – remember, there is no cure – but it is much more controlled  and only covers his cheeks, neck, and hands on occasion. It was a long journey, but we finally found a doctor who could treat him. More specifically, an allergist, who has managed to give my Ninja peace.

My Ninja sleeps through the night now. Unfathomable. He takes a bath without tears. And, on cool days, he plays outside with a huge grin plastered on his face and laughter leaping from his heart.

I could go on about the difficulties of dealing with this disease, or the hole eczema leaves in your heart when someone you love so much is suffering from it. But the length alone would practically make this a dissertation. For now, I’ll end it here with my heart feeling a tad lighter now that the door to this topic is open.



  1. Hi there, it seems a bit stalkerish to comment on an old post but I found your blog this evening and saw that dreaded e-word. If you haven’t found anything reliable for treating eczema, I highly recommend Dream Cream from Lush. I swear I’m not getting paid to promote it but I was about to use steroids on my two year old’s legs (bleeding, huge patches, etc.) when we found a Lush store near Disneyland. The night before and the morning of our day in Disneyland I slathered my daughter up only to find the rashes disappeared that day! Later my husband’s doctor allowed me to use the cream on my husband’s burns from the car accident but eh, that’s another story. Anyhoo, try it and let me know what you think.

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    1. Hi, NavyWife! Thank you for your helpful comment! I was told about Lush a little over a year ago, but never got around to trying it on my Ninja. Fortunately, his eczema is practically non-existent at this point (thank goodness!), with just a bit lingering on his hands. However, if things get out of hand again (please, no!), Dream Cream will definitely be on my list of things to try. Thank you, again!


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