Beauty Edit: The Ninja Bag

You’ve seen these kinds of posts before: “What’s in My Bag?”. I love them. You love them. They’re a guilty pleasure, so let’s stop faffing about and start digging through my Ninja Bag.

The evidence lays before you in this horribly taken photo.

The evidence lays before you in this horribly taken photo.

THE BAG: Because my Ninjas are quite young, I consider this my overpriced-but-oh-so-worth-it diaper bag. When I bought it I was thinking of the future and how this beautiful tote (ahem, with a zip-top) can carry me through many years after my smallest Ninja is out of diapers.

MY NECESSITIES: I like to keep it simple. Just a pen, keys, phone, hand sanitizer, lip balm, Kate Spade wallet, and a bracelet from my niece. I don’t like to do makeup touch-ups on the go, so I don’t bring any with me. Occasionally, I might throw in a fashion or health magazine because you never know when you’ll need to know the latest hair style, right?

NINJA NECESSITIES: Because my bag is a tote, and because I’m a lover of all things organized, my Ninja emergency kit is tucked neatly into a massive, clear, vinyl (a.k.a. Mom material) Vera Bradley cosmetic bag. Can’t miss it, folks. In this massive beast I keep all things a Ninja of mine would need. Ready for the rundown? Here goes: a changing pad, wipes, dirty diaper bags, doctor information, diapers (size 3, for all you nosy folks out there), eczema cream and ointment, band aids, an EpiPen, Similac formula, and a change of Ninja clothes.

That’s what I need to get me through the day when I step out of my cave. What else should I include in my Ninja necessities? What do you pack in your mom bag?


Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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