Technology. Puh.

Today, I purchased the first phone plan I’ve had in over a year, and I’ve discovered so much in the process:

  1. Smartphones are expensive. My iPhone was last used when we were stationed in Guam (it’s pointless to activate it in Portugal, so it has been solely used for music and photos since our last move). Guam’s plans were pricey and and apparently, that climate is similar stateside. Today, I learned that it’s still expensive to hold the world in the palm of my hands.
  2. America is still a land of excess.There are SO MANY plans for you to choose from, and they’re only minutely different from each other! I’ve been overseas, living on two very small islands for just about 4 years. You learn to live simply when you’re stuck on a rock for so long (Think: Tom Hanks and his pal Wilson.).
  3. Activating a smartphone is stressful. Again, I draw your attention back to the overwhelming number of plan options. How do you choose???
  4.  Activating a smartphone is educational. Today, I learned the true meaning behind 4GB. Obviously I failed Technology 101. Don’t judge me.
  5. Online help is very helpful. I had a lovely online chat with Geena, who helped me find a plan that suited me. During our 46 minute conversation, she patiently put up with my infinite questions about each detail of each phone plan, and very kindly explained all of the technical terms I did not understand. There were a lot. I refer you to number 4, as an example.

So it seems I will soon have a phone that can make phone calls again. This excites me. Who will I call? What will we talk about? So many questions, again. Isn’t it amazing what technology does for us?


Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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