Page Turner!

So, my Ninjas are big readers. This makes me so proud. I love seeing how excited they get when stories are read to them. It’s a wonderful thing to see how enthralled they become with each turn of a page. At our next base, wherever that may be, I plan on spending endless hours with them in the library, sitting and enjoying the books around them. But until we get there, we’ll continue to enjoy some good ol’ favorites. I asked my Ninjas to show me their must-have-reads, and this is what they came up with.

Like most boys, Ninja #1 can’t get enough of Thomas the Train. The number of books my Ninja has about Thomas’ adventures are endless, but I’m happy they’re apart of our home library. My Ninja tends to like books that have more than one story in them (methinks this is because he can easily ask me to turn the page at the end of one story, and read him another one … sneaky Ninja). And so, he chose several that tell several stories. Once I put down the camera, he was quick to show me which one he wanted me to read first (Winnie the Pooh won).

ImageNinja #2 chose a few hand-me-downs from Ninja #1. Thomas the Train, of course, along with the much loved “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?” It’s kinda funny that both of my Ninjas love that book. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” is a new addition to his library, but I must say it’s worth all the hype. Such a cute book. Ninja #1 enjoys reading it to Ninja #2. “On the Night You Were Born,” is also a new addition, and another one that both Ninjas enjoy reading.

I hope this list comes in handy for you if you’re on the lookout for new reads. What books do your kids enjoy?



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