Sleepy Ninja “By My Side”

David Choi has performed a miracle in my eyes and managed to put Ninja #2 to sleep with nary a cuddle. Unthinkable!

Any parent – or babysitter for that matter – who has tried to put a cranky infant to sleep knows this is not a task you take on unless you have to. But Choi was fearless! I watched anxiously as my Ninja quickly quieted his cries of despair and drifted off to la-la land while Choi softly crooned (via iTunes) his song “By My Side.” Again, a miracle!

I draw your attention to the photographic evidence below:


This is now my secret weapon. I will deploy it without mercy whenever necessary. This is how you tame Ninjas.

Dishing out Thanks

With my Ninja sleeping at the quick click of  the play button, I’ve managed to scrounge up enough me-time to thank the man behind the music.

“I think it’s amazing,” says Choi, when I tell him (via email) about his unique ability to knock my 6-month old out with just the sound of his voice. “It makes me feel a little fuzzy inside. Larry King didn’t do that to me.”

That’s right, Choi was interviewed by the Larry King, about that music he writes, produces, and sings so well. A blend of “mellow, pop, folk, jazz,” Choi says.

But King isn’t the only one interested in Choi. Several mothers (me too) have thanked him for securing their sanity when it comes to Ninja nap time. And their gratitude hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

“I think it would be great if ALL babies listened to my music,” jokes Choi. “But seriously, I’ve considered doing a children’s album. What do you think?”

Yes. I would have that album on pre-order if it came to fruition, and my Ninjas would love me forever.

So, besides contemplating a children’s album, what’s Choi up to these days? Work, work, work.

“Working on my fourth album at the moment,” he says. “Hoping it’ll have the same affect on babies all around the world!”

No doubt it will. Thanks, David!

To learn more about David Choi and his music visit his website, Facebook, and You Tube.


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