Boys with Toys


What is it with boys and things that go vroom? Ninja #1 has a plethora of vroomy things ranging from Matchbox cars, Thomas trains, police cars, fire engines, ambulances, helicopters, jet planes, and a Millennium Falcon. The list goes on and on because my husband – another boy with toys – continues to add to the collection.

As I was tidying up my Ninja’s toys today I thought it might be nice to introduce you to his current must-haves. This list is constantly changing because Ninja #1 is 3. Changing his mind is all that’s on his mind.

This week’s favorites are from the ever-reliable and, very durable, vroomy HESS line. My Ninja has at least 10 of these, which means he really has at least 20 since they all come with an extra mini vroomy toy. Excessive? Yup. Each was purchased by my husband. I will not comment further because I like to think he reads my blog and I value our marriage.

HESS definitely builds these toys to last infinite crashes and even a few squashing episodes. I do love their quality. I also love their blinky lights and vroomy sounds. But, using those impressive enhancements requires power. Get yourself some rechargeable batteries if you’re going to play with these bad boys. The mini HESS’ can drain their batteries in one day. But they’ll look cool while doing it, so don’t get too mad.

DSC01371Between HESS crashes and battery swapping, Ninja#1 has been running around – fully equipped -fighting angry dragons. His weapons of choice are some lovely foam swords (below), which we picked up while at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, along with a foam shield, of course.


The swords tag along on morning walks through the neighborhood, and an occasional lunch (because you have to be ready to fight the angry dragon at a moment’s notice). The swords also double for lightsabers (I love my little Star Wars nut!).

When not in use, my Ninja stows them down the back of his shirt, naturally. Where else would you put them, you ask? Why, through your Thomas the Train underwear and down your pant leg, of course. I’ll leave you with that image, because I’m pretty sure it’s made you laugh just like I have. You’re welcome.


Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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