My Super Life

As of late, Ninja #2 has been sharing his growing pains with me. In the wee hours of the night my Ninja will stir from his sleep to let me know his 8-month old mouth is sore. Yes, those teeth are pushing their way through and they’re making sure I’m there for every moment of it.

So, what does a mischievous mother of Ninjas do to wile away the hours until #2 lulls back to sleep? Well, funny you should ask, I’ve actually been catching up on some pretty super movies. Superhero movies.

Yes, I’ve spent the last few nights indulging in Wolverine, Thor, Superman, Spiderman, and Iron Man. I know what you’re thinking, a few of those movies came out quite some time ago. But I’ve been busy.

Ninjas keep me busy all day long with building villages and then suddenly squashing them with the might of a dinosaur’s stinky foot, all while a Storm Trooper chases after a rogue bad guy wearing a hat that’s about 3 sizes too big. Ninjas are so much fun! I can’t wait until they’re older and I can share my love of superheroes with them.

I grew up on my brother’s Marvel and DC comic books (with a few Barbie comic books thrown in for variety), and love that Hollywood has finally shown an interest these past few years in bringing those defenders-of-good to life.

While there’s nothing better than watching a bad guy get his comeuppance, there is one big problem with watching your favorite superheroes come to life. You’re left feeling quite inferior. As a mere human being how can my Ninjas and I ever compare to those who hold the might of gods in their trusty hammer “mew mew,” (because how else do you say Mjölnir?), soar through the air like a bird or a plane, and experience oddly positive side affects from a radioactive spider bite? There was only one way I could compete. I spent a day making my Ninjas superheroes too. The photographs of this event will be proudly displayed on our fridge, framed in my Ninjas’ rooms, and placed in several scrapbooks once we reach our next base.

Ninja #1 flies to a citizen in need.

Ninja #1 flies to a citizen in need.

Ninja #1 spent the day soaring over small villages saving mortals from explosive volcanoes and a frog with a mean back-hand. An ambulance was on hand to ensure no mortals were hurt during the process. An ice cream truck was also hanging around because ice cream makes even the smallest boo-boo heal faster. When the villages were rebuilt and the mayor gave Ninja #1 the village key in gratitude, a massive tornado swept in and blew everyone away. That tornado was Ninja #2.


This photo of horrible quality documents Ninja #2 soaring over a grassy field. Use your imagination, folks.

Ninja #2 had spent less time as his superhero alter-ego because it was past his bedtime and he was getting cranky (even superheroes have mood swings). But he did fly over a lovely green grassy field before hanging up his cape.

And now that my Ninjas know they can always be superheroes when the call for help arises, that still leaves me. When will I get my super chance?

What are you talking about, you ask? You’re right! I don’t know what I was thinking.

I’m in superhero mode all day long! Whether it’s a bad guy’s lost car that needs finding, an elephant seeking medical care for his tail that needs mending, or just squishy poo that needs to be wiped from a certain Ninja’s bum (I won’t say any names, but his alter-ego goes by #2), I am there. I am a superhero.

But, for those of you who still doubt my super powers, I did grow two Ninjas in my body. Not too shabby, eh?



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