Boo-Boo Brag

Now that I’m sitting down to write this it seems a bit odd that I plan on talking about the pride I have in Ninja #1s latest boo-boos. But I just have to share!

My Ninja’s latest scrapes are not ones we typically deal with in our house. In fact, the last time my Ninja had scrapes like this was when he was just about 17-months old, and he fell on a beach in Guam. I got to break out the Neosporin this time! With a smile on my face!!!

Let me explain. Before venturing out on my morning walk with my Ninjas, it was such a lovely day that I dressed Ninja #1 in a pair of khaki shorts. Shorts are practically foreign to my Ninja – he only has two pairs – because his legs used to be regularly covered in itchy, painful, burning eczema lesions. And now, those mean and oppressive lesions are no more (for about four months now)! That’s right! My Ninja can wear shorts and not worry about trying so hard all day long to not scratch at his legs. He can wear shorts while playing with his toys and actually focus on playing with those toys (it’s such a joy to see how relaxed and comfortable he is when he plays now)!

Anyway, back to my story, my Ninjas and I were on our morning walk and trying to find our rocket to Pizza Planet with Buzz Lightyear when Ninja #1 tripped and fell. The situation seemed to take us both by surprise (realizing he was wearing shorts and not his typical pants) and we just sat there staring at each other for at least 30 seconds. And then the best thing happened. My Ninja and I laughed. I think he was just so surprised at the realization that he could get a boo-boo from something other than his eczema.

“Mommy, my knee hurts!” he said, not sure if he should start crying.

“Yes, I know baby. You have a boo-boo because you fell down! See, your shorts don’t cover your knees and your knees fell on the road.”

My Ninja looked down at his knees and touched his new boo-boo, and then something clicked.

“Mommy, I have to be careful in shorts,” he said, looking up at me.

“Yup,” I said, and couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of our walk.

When we got home, the new boo-boos were cleaned and dressed, and that smile never left my face. I am so proud of my Ninja in so many ways – even little ones like these.



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