From Swaddle to Cape and Beyond: the journey of a Ninja’s blanket

Choosing the perfect blanket to swaddle your baby in can be a challenge for even the most experienced parent. Not only will they help quiet your baby in their earliest days, but their material will become magical as baby’s imagination grows. So, here’s what my Ninjas find comfort in, and why we all love these soft swaddlers so much.

Carter’s baby blankets – Ninja #1s superhero cape of choice.

When Ninja #1 was born we swaddled him in the softness of Carter’s. These blankets, which once soothed him to sleep with the comfort of a cottony hug, eventually transformed into the fear-banishing capes of a superhero. Now, although Ninja #1 still has his superhero moments, the blankets have been handed down to Ninja #2. Mainly for peekaboo. Ninja #2 has blanket stipulations developed through my trial and error from swaddling Ninja #1. Enter Aden + Anais.

Just before Ninja #2 was born, I was on the hunt for a bigger baby blanket that could handle my Ninja’s needs. I needed a light-weight blanket, 100-percent cotton, which was big enough to swaddle my Ninja as he grew. Because Ninja #1 has Eczema, and I feared Ninja #2 might have it too (which he does), fabric breathability was a priority. While Carter’s blankets are soft and 100 percent cotton, they are thick enough to make my Ninjas sweat when swaddled. Sweat is an enemy of Eczema and can cause a flare up. The swaddle blankets by Aden + Anais are 40″ x 40″ muslin, a nice, big, flowy fabric that gets softer with each wash. Yes, I know, I could’ve gone to a fabric store, bought muslin, and made my own (because I do enjoy a good crafty moment), but I wanted to treat my Ninja to something new (he gets all Ninja #1s hand-me-downs), so I ordered a set of Aden + Anais blankets through Amazon. Nobody sweats in these.

Aden + Anais swaddling blankets – a mommy favorite.

Ninja #2 enjoyed being swaddled by Aden + Anais, and occasionally Carter’s – on cold nights  – until he was about 4-months old (when he figured out how to break my unbreakable swaddle). Now, at 9-months old, Ninja #2 is too big to swaddle, and too small to don a superhero cape, so what do I do with these lovely blankets? I wear them. That’s right. A mommy of Ninjas needs a superhero cape too, especially when Ninja #1 requests backup ( I prefer the blankets by Aden + Anais because they’re not as snug when tied ’round my neck). And what do I plan to do with them when my Ninjas outgrow each blanket’s magic? I’ll be making a quilt, not for my Ninjas, but for me. And when I get lonely for the smallness of my Ninjas who have grown up too quickly, I’ll wrap myself in it and remember the magic sewn into each 100-percent cotton square.

What blankets do you swaddle your Ninjas in? What will you do with your Ninja blankets when your baby Ninja isn’t a baby anymore?



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