A crafty moment

“I Love You to the Moon and Back,” is something my Ninja and I say to each other all day long. For those who don’t know, the popular saying comes from a lovely children’s book, that warms my heart with each read. In 24 weeks, we’ll be in a new home, and my Ninjas will share a room. And so, I want to embarrass them by boldly declaring my love for them everywhere starting with this painting (I got the idea from Red Envelope, but was not going to pay $90 + s&h for it). To save on postage, I used an old painting by Ninja #1 and got to it. Here’s my equipment:



I don’t know where we’ll be moving yet (we’ll find out in about two months), but I’m excited. Decorating plans have been running through my mind for the last two years, and soon they’ll be coming to fruition! I can’t wait! Don’t get your hopes up about this painting though – my painting skills are not Monet’s, and I have found the world of acrylic to be very forgiving.

This is what happens when my husband is deployed – I craft. It’s therapy. For this deployment, I’ve already knit two baby blankets, sewn eight throw pillows, made an origami crane baby mobile, and created three wreaths. Now, I’ve moved into territory I’m not very comfortable in, but I love a challenge. Behold, my freshly painted cobalt canvas below. What I like about acrylic is the texture it gives the canvas, and, if you’re painting over something, it gives a bit of depth because you can still see a bit of it peeking through. Perfect imperfections. IMG_0076

I should point out that with each move numerous items are purged, sold, or lost from our household goods. Being crafty saves money when you have to redecorate your house every two to four years to accommodate a new home’s floor plan. These are the complications of being a military family. By the end of this upcoming move we’ll be shelling out a lot of money to buy:

  • a laundry machine & dryer – we sold ours at our last base because we couldn’t use them in Portugal
  • a microwave – it died at our last base
  • a sofa set – Ninja #1 is allergic to dogs, and while our beloved Copper will be going to a family member during the move, his dander will forever be stuck in our current sofa.
  • a dining set – we have a bigger family now, which will not fit around our current teeny-tiny dining table.
  • Ninja twin/bunk beds
  • Guest room furniture … eventually – ahem, to anyone hoping to visit, you’ll be staying on the sofas we haven’t bought yet until we work out a guest room.

With all that money going out the window, I saved about $4 by painting over Ninja #1s old painting (there are many, so I’m not too sad about losing this one). Thrilling! Everything else was purchased at Wal-Mart. I used a pencil to write my loving sentiment, which I painted over in white. Pencil can be erased, folks, even from acrylic paint. Although, I would recommend waiting until the paint dries before you start erasing, unless you’re really impatient, like me. To be fair, I did this at midnight. I was tired.


What crafty things have you done lately?


Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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