Taming those Big Brows

All women know the importance of well-groomed eyebrows and how they can enhance and frame your face. For years, my brows sat like two fuzzy caterpillars stuck on my face (I would insert a picture here, but I prefer to leave the past in the past – it’s just too embarrassing). When puberty hit, they bloomed into a thickness resembling two censor bars hiding the naked skin beneath. Finally, in seventh grade, I discovered the magic of tweezers. That’s when things got really interesting.

At first pluck, I made the common mistake of tweezing with my eyebrows raised (I see you shaking your head). This resulted in two very straight lines lacking a lot of expression. There’s a fantastic photo of me in my band uniform (yes, band geek), with my freshly plucked brows for all to see. The expression on my face is a sad one. After that debacle, I laid down the tweezers until I was brave enough to tackle my brows again. That wasn’t until freshman year in high school.

It was the week before high school started, and I took to my brows with strength renewed and a vision of two beautiful arches gracefully resting above my eyes. Naturally, having plucked with such ardor, I got a bit carried away and ended up with two very thin arches of surprise instead. Oh, the shame I felt in the months it took to regrow my caterpillars – I actually missed them! Alas, my brows never reached the same fullness again (they’re a bit patchy here and there), but I rejoiced at having them back! And, in my struggle for brow respectability, I discovered the true technique to plucking wayward bushes like mine. Less is more. A tweeze here, a pluck there, and that’s enough.

Naked brows.

31 year old, naked brows.


So, here’s what I do to style my brows when I throw on war paint (still filling in those gaps from my freshman fiasco).

Taming Tools – Tweezers are my choice. I’m not brave enough to let someone else take the reins and wax them off.

Paint & Paintbrush – I use eyeshadow for a more subtle effect. Faint, from Urban Decay’s Naked Basics pallet is my filler of choice. Although I have dark brows, filling with black shadow is too harsh. I stick to the darkest matte brown in a pallet. Using an angled eyeliner brush, I follow my natural brow line with small strokes, mimicking hairs. When all is done I do a quick brush through (brow gel if needed, a.k.a. clear mascara), and I’m done.

Left brow, filled in and ready to go! Right brow, still naked...

Left brow, filled in and ready to go! Right brow, still naked…

It’s not rocket science, I know, but I’m pretty proud of the journey I’ve been through with my brows (now that I’m happy with them). What was your journey like?


Finished!!!! WOW! Makeup does wonders, doesn’t it?



Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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