“The List”

If you don’t know already, I’m a military spouse, and my husband is currently deployed an ocean away. In 21 weeks, his two-year tour will finally come to an end and we will be moving to a new base to be a family again (just in time for Christmas! The Ninjas are excited!!). However, before we move, we have to know where we’re going. Enter, the much-anticipated List.

Every military family anticipates and dreads The List. The list of available bases for your spouse’s rank. The higher your rank, the less you have to choose from (you only need so many leaders for each unit). While my husband and I were thrilled for The List to come out (because it’s a step closer to moving), we didn’t expect a great selection, but we’re comforted to know that, no matter what, we’ll be stationed somewhere along the East Coast, where most of our friends and family live.

Now, I’m not really posting to talk about our List. I’m posting to advise you of a website so vital, every military spouse needs to see it. Moving House for the Military Spouse is such a brilliant Facebook page, I wish I’d thought to create it myself.

Every military spouse worries about the housing options at their new base. Restrictions, requirements, floor plans, and much more flood our minds as we carefully think through what to pack, what to sell, and what to chuck. Generally, most base housing websites only showcase exterior shots of their housing options, with a few floor plans thrown in for excitement. I discovered MHMS five years ago when our orders for Andersen AFB came out and was scouring the Internet for photos of what our new home would look like. 

Quite simply, MHMS offers interior and exterior shots of military housing for almost every U.S. base on the planet. Most of the photos on the website are submitted by military spouses, which means you see the real nitty-gritty of base housing. Spouses are even encouraged to comment on each photo to explain anything from yard size, to the eligible rank for each house pictured, and what they didn’t like about housing, etc. It’s a lifeline into a very unique world.

If you’re a military spouse and you want to know what your next home will be like, visit MHMS and peruse the plethora of information at your fingertips!



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