Approximately 10 Ninja Diaper Bag Necessities

I know I posted a “What’s in my Bag,” earlier this year, but I have since switched from my tote to my old, much more organized, diaper bag. It is so much easier to find something that has been organized into one of 14 lovely pockets (including two insulated side pockets for bottles – oooooh!), rather than the bottom of a tote where things go to get lost.  Do not fear, my lovely tote will be back in service once Ninja #2 is out of diapers.

Behold, my Skip Hop Studio. The ultimate diaper bag for any woman who doesn’t want to carry around a bag with baby written all over it. Yes, I object to diaper bags emblazoned boldly with smiling bears and vibrant rainbows. Such declarations of motherhood make me cringe. Clean and simple is the way to go, ladies. Keep it classy.



Since making the switch back to this bag a few months ago, several new Ninja items have quickly become necessities and thought I’d share them with you in case you feel you don’t carry enough in your diaper bag already. Strap yourselves in for a list that was originally focused on 10 must-haves, but quickly changed to 12 (technically 13) because you can never have enough First Aid items for a growing Ninja.

  1. St. Ives 24-hour Deep Restoring Lotion – Yes, I carry this massive bottle around with me everywhere because both of my Ninjas have Eczema and this is the lotion that currently works on them. Thankfully, their Eczema is not that bad right now, and my Ninjas don’t have to be slathered in thick creams all day long. This lotion is lightweight and non-greasy, but long lasting (24-hours!!), and affordable! Affordability is a big perk because they go through about two bottles a week.
  2. Kleenex (travel size) – Who can tell when a Ninja is going to need his tears wiped or boogers pulled from his nostrils? These tissues are gentle and soft, great for sensitive Ninjas.
  3. Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Hand Cream, Norwegian Formula – Again, my Ninjas have Eczema, so I can never have enough lotion or cream around. This is nice when my Ninjas have dry skin on exposed areas like their hands. Because this is the Norwegian Formula, it’s specifically made to work fast for anyone with severely dry, damaged skin. It doesn’t do miracles for my Ninjas’ Eczema (remember, there is no cure), but it does help heal their skin a bit.
  4. EpiPen – Ninja #1 has several food allergies that affect his Eczema. This is for emergencies only and I pray every day that I never have to use it. But it is comforting to know that I have one at the ready if he ever needs it.
  5. Vaseline – Yes, that small, round, green jar is full of petroleum jelly. Because you can’t have Ninjas walking around with a diaper rash. Having Eczema means your skin is very sensitive to a lot of stuff most people wouldn’t react to. Sometimes diaper rash creams can be too harsh for Ninja #2’s bum. Vaseline seems to work just fine for him and it’s a tad cheaper too. YAY!
  6. Vera Bradley cosmetic bag – Because I have to have someplace to put that EpiPen and tiny green tub of Vaseline, and this was on sale!
  7. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF 60+ – You should always wear sunscreen. And hats. I always make sure my Ninjas are covered in SPF when they go out, Ninja #1 more than Ninja #2. Because Ninja #1 still regularly uses prescribed corticosteroids for his Eczema, his skin is more susceptible to harmful sun damage. Ninja #2 hasn’t been prescribed a corticosteroid yet, and I hope he never has to use one. This sunscreen is a water-resistant formula and is drying on the skin. When I apply this on my Ninjas, I mix it with their St. Ives lotion for some moisture security.
  8. First Aid Kit – Yes, that big orange pill box is a kit complete with bandages, medical tape, gauze, antibacterial ooze, and happy stickers. Ninjas need happy stickers to be happy.
  9. Portable Wipes Bag – Wipes are important, for butts and numerous other things. Therefore, wipes must be portable. In Guam, and Lajes, I used to pack Ninja wipes in a clear ziplock bag. Then, I came stateside and discovered this miracle by Huggies. Yes, it’s a just a dolled-up zip-lock bag, but it’s so much more attractive!!! At only $2, I can’t really complain.
  10. Poo Bags – I don’t think I have to explain too much here, but I will anyway. Ninja #2 does poo and these lovely scented baggies are used to protect the outside world from my Ninja’s poo.
  11. Purell Hand Sanitizer –  This is for me, not my Ninjas. I use those portable baby wipes to clean my Ninjas’ hands (Pampers, Sensitive Skin), because my hand sanitizer and the soap in public restrooms are too drying for their skin. Once wiped, their hands are quickly covered in cream or lotion.
  12. Neosporin To Go – Because Ninjas get boo-boos, and my First Aid kit will never be complete enough. I’m trying to figure out a way to fit a splint for broken limbs into that orange pill box …
  13. Totoro – If you’re not sure what a Totoro is, rent My Neighbor Totoro. My Ninjas love Totoro, and he helps make them happy when tears start to fall.

That’s the lowdown on my Ninjas’ needs. What do you pack in your diaper bag to get you through every disaster imaginable?

P.S. I’d just like to point out that, despite it’s hefty price tag ($90), this diaper bag has been worth every penny for me. Since purchasing it three years ago, it has survived an inquisition from a 10 year old beagle, journeyed around the world and back (we’re military; moving is what we do), and made it through two fully-loaded trips to Disney World. Despite a few stray strings that I’m too exhausted to cut off, there’s no damage to this bag. It has earned my seal of approval.


Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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