To Measure a Ninja

First, I would like to apologize for the horrible photographs in this post (you’ve been warned). In my defense, it’s difficult photographing a 6′ board when you’re only 5′ 2″ (it doesn’t matter if that doesn’t make sense. Being vertically challenged is a legitimate excuse for me). I also had two Ninjas demanding my attention, so my hands were a bit shaky – hence the somewhat fuzzy results.

So, I’ve been m.i.a. lately, but only for a good reason. I was being crafty. Again. This time I made a growth chart for my Ninjas. Yes, I can now track their long journey toward maturity. Thrilling!!

Since having Ninja #1, I’ve longed to catalog my Ninjas’ weed-like growth on a wall in our home. However, since we’re a military family, we don’t exactly have a permanent wall to draw on – and taking your wall with you when you move is frowned upon by military housing offices around the globe. So, I’ve finally taken matters into my own hands (because I didn’t want to throw down $100 for a spiffy growth ruler via Etsy). To Home Depot, I went. And then, I went to Wal-Mart. I returned with the following items (yes, I’m giving you a list because you know I love listing things):

  • 6′ board
  • wood stain
  • stain brush to apply above stain
  • turpentine to clean above brush

Other items I used, which I already had on-hand (oooh, another list!):

  • sand paper
  • tape measure
  • pen
  • acrylic paint brush
  • black, white, and blue acrylic paint
  • Q-tip

It took me nearly two weeks to finish my 6′ ruler, but that’s only because I have Ninjas running amok until the wee hours. They need supervision. I am a supervisor.


When I did get time to work on it, here’s what I did:

  1. sand down the board (this took a lot longer than I expected for reasons unknown to me)
  2. apply stain
  3. after stain dries, mark desired measurements on board using pen and tape measure.
  4. go over pen marks using acrylic paint brush and black acrylic paint
  5. write Ninjas’ names on board with pen and go over with white acrylic paint
  6. using Q-tip dipped in blue paint, park first Ninja measurement on board.
  7. repeat step 6 with different color for Ninja #2 (light blue).
  8. admire your awesome handiwork from afar.
  9. document handiwork on Instagram.


Yes, this wasn’t the most complex of crafts, but I’m pretty proud of my giant Ninja ruler. It was my first attempt at staining wood (not too shabby!). Not to mention, painting letters and numbers are still not my métier. This was a challenge, but a fun one, and now my board will move with us to every base we go to until I can nail it on the wall of our permanent home.

What do you do to measure your Ninjas? Have you already made a growth chart to track their journey to maturity? How long do you think that journey will take??





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