Watering things down

Yes, I’ve been on another hiatus. Yes, I know, it seems to be a pattern lately. Things have been topsy-turvy lately in my life as a military wife. We’re four months away from PCSing to our next base and while we first thought we were officially going to the Old Line State (and planning for retirement), the husband was then redirected to a location further south where peaches grow. And so, retirement schematics were scrapped for new ones. Ahh, military life.

We’ve finally adjusted to getting our new “official orders,” technically (they’re not really official until you get the official paperwork, which could be about a month away – we’re in the process of being processed), and I’ve been seeking therapy.

My latest therapist consoles me with lots of water. And paint. I’m teaching myself to watercolor. This is what I do when I get stressed and can’t fix the problem (because I’m a take-charge-and-do-it-right-yourself kinda gal), I craft things. Incidentally, beyond painting, I see quite a few more throw pillows in my crafty, therapeutic future.

Watercolor sounds easy, and according to my Internet research, it’s as easy as painting gets. But I was terrible at it in elementary school. My peers rocked at it.

Whilst researching my newest hobby, I took inspiration from the Internet and decided to recreate pictures that moved me, to help me hone my water skills.

This was my first attempt, and it took me a week (remember, I craft late at night when the Ninjas are snoozing). But I’m quite proud. The artist showcases a young girl in a boat in the original painting, but since I have two Ninjas I modified the image to include them instead. The whale makes me smile when I think of Ninja #1 and the singing whales he listens to when he goes to sleep.

Behold, my artsy materials (you know I love a list!):

  • watercolor paint of your choice
  • paint pallet
  • watercolor brushes of your choice
  • watercolor paper – I chose a heavy weight out of fear (I didn’t want my paper to fall apart from the amount of water I planned on drowning it in).


How long has it been since you’ve watercolored?




Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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