Shadows on My Wall

Hello, again!

I’ve been M.I.A., I know.

In my defense, I was reuniting with my husband, who had been deployed for 20 months. Then, we moved to our next Base, from the land of sunshine and oranges to the land of peaches and Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind.” We’re still unpacking. I’m getting back into the swing of things, and should be posting weekly, soon. Hopefully. YAY!

Amongst all the boxes of books, clothes, and knickknacks, I managed to find all my crafting supplies and felt the urge to create. Ahem, as you may, or may not, know I enjoy crafting things for my home (I made 23 pillows during my husband’s deployment … it’s a problem) and they tend to be rather un-original recreations of things I find on the Internet. I’m a penny-pincher, and it drives my husband nuts (don’t you wish your husband had a problem with you pinching pennies, ladies?). Online “window shopping” is a favorite pastime of mine and I often come across things I’d love to see in my home but I can’t bring myself to shell out the money for. Living with Ninjas has made me cautious in spending on things that could potentially be destroyed by a Ninja attack. And so, I often try to create a simpler, more affordable version myself. I was raised to be resourceful, and practical. A great combination, I think.

Whilst reading through one of my favorite blogs, Jones Design Company, I noticed she had beautiful silhouettes of her children adorning her staircase. “I must have these,” I thought to myself. Conveniently, Emily offers a graphic design tutorial on her site so you can make your own, but my graphic design work is far beyond shabby. My next option was watercolor – it’s what I had on-hand.

Searching my computer I tracked down some good profile photos of my Ninjas and set to work. My version of this classy craft involves no stencils, because I just don’t have time for that. It’s all freehand, which makes me so thankful for the forgiveness of watercolor. With pencil and watercolor paper in hand, I set my computer’s screen to the brightest level and gently traced the image on my screen. Once finished, I filled in the profile with plain black watercolor paint.


This project took me an entire day to finish, but with two Ninjas keeping me busy I am amazed at my speediness. Once everything dried I gently erased any stray pencil marks. Later that night, when the Ninjas were asleep, I added numbers, like Emily’s. Again, it was freehand (it helps to use a tiny paintbrush for more detailed work like this), and stressful, but I’m happy with the results. Now, I’m off to hunt down some frames. Wish me luck, and let me know if you try this craft on your own! I’d love to hear how you tackle it.


Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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