And sew on!

As you know, I’ve been on a crafting binge for the past two years. It’s more like an episode. Anyway, I’ve finally brought myself to update my sewing basket.

Here it is in its original state:
My beautiful hand-me-down


A hand-me-down from my Nana, to my mother, and finally to me, for the past nine years I’ve cringed at the sight of it. Yes, it’s all about appearances for me. The husband has begged me to simply replace the family heirloom with a new one from JoAnn’s, but I couldn’t bring myself to part with it, or spend the $50 to replace it. Therefore, my solution for everything lately seems to be to just paint over it (although, I admit, if this didn’t work out so well I was planning on going to JoAnn’s to get a new one). BRILLIANT!

And so, using the paint I had on hand (I picked white and Martha Stewart’s Gray Wolf), I set to work.

Step 1: Remove everything from inside sewing basket.
Step 2: Rip out everything inside sewing basket (mwahahahahaha!). The joy I felt from this was almost overwhelming.
Step 3: Select main paint color (white) and accent paint color (Gray Wolf).
Step 4: Apply paint (another joyous moment). I actually used two coats of white paint on the entire basket because that gloriously vibrant orange took a lot of paint to cover up. Once the white dried I painted the accents.
Step 5: If you’re feeling really creative you can make things fancy with a monogram (because that makes everything classier). My monogram’s edges aren’t so straight, but that’s a small technicality.

IMG_0726 IMG_0738 IMG_0737


DONE! To me, my new sewing basket is beautiful (although, my mother gasped in horror when I showed her its improvements), my husband is proud (I think), and I’ve been inspired to craft more things (I just finished my first throw-size quilt two days ago. Oh, yeah!!!). Do you have a much-hated, but well-loved sewing basket that you’ve updated? How did it turn out?


Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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