Homeownership 101: The Final Frontier

Our Dream Home!

Our Dream Home!

Now, where were we? Oh, yes. When last we met, I had mentioned the insignificant event of the husband and I closing on our first home. And so, the end of July has come and gone, contracts have been signed, keys have been handed over, and suddenly we now own a home. Yay!

On the outside I am screaming with excitement and jumping up and down with tears of joy streaming down my giddy face. On the inside, I am running in fear from the keys I have been handed. The looming threat of not being able to ring the maintenance man and have him fix everything that breaks makes every nick in the wall look overwhelming enough to be contracted out. Nights are spent in restless sleeps full of dreams of our new home suddenly bursting into flames or collapsing when I open the door. Of course, penny-pincher that I am, I also dream of the monumental bills that will accompany these nauseating disasters. Dreams of this nature – accompanied by horrific ones I frequently have of my Ninjas meeting evil strangers – have engraved new lines of dour concern onto my face. I’m definitely looking more worse-for-wear these days.

However, according to our home inspection, our house is in quite good shape considering it’s age – a relic of the 80’s – it’s truly amazing. Loved and cared for by it’s previous owners, our home’s maintenance should be a simple matter of routine. And so, with nothing overwhelming to repair, our next step in homeownership is wallet-friendly personalization.

Off we went to Lowe’s in search of paint. This commercial beacon of infinite D.I.Y. possibilities is conveniently located just down the road from our new home. Oh, the adventures I will have in those aisles.

If you’ve been following my Pinterest boards (and you should be), you may have noticed that I have been selecting paint for the home of my dreams for quite some time. In my dream home, my walls are airy, pale neutrals of grays and gray-blues, outlined by a smooth, crisp, bright white trim.


My first hope was to paint my Ninjas’ room a pale gray (Yes, they will be sharing one room. I will force them to love each other just so I can have a guest bedroom). However, Ninja #1 does not share my view of gray. So, the husband and I settled on Sherwin Williams’ Blue Mountaintop – a grayish blue. It has also been decided that our master bedroom will be Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray – a decision in which the husband had no say. The kitchen will be Sherwin Williams’ North Star (at least for right now. We haven’t bought that paint yet because I’m still going back and forth on things in my very overwhelmed mind). I haven’t really settled on any colors for the rest of the house. One room at a time, please.

Ninja room

The Ninja room in its original state. Yes, that’s purple and gray, folks.

Hiding the ugly with 3 coats of primer! P.S. That chair rail rubs me the wrong way (I had one in my room in my youth). IT WILL BE FIXED!

Primed! We’re exhausted.

As I said, the trim will be a crisp, clean white. So I went out and bought Behr’s Ultra Pure White, because I’m sure you can’t get more white than that. Settling myself down in the Ninjas’ room, I was primed and ready to paint over the yellowy-tinged Magnolia Blossom (Behr) covering every piece of trim in the house (except the master bath) until I realized something quite disturbing. The trim’s current state – in the entire house – was quite goopy looking. To my despair, it would seem that my dream home’s previous owners neglected their trim-etiquette. As a test, I threw a coat of my Ultra Pure White on top of the drippy mess outlining the Ninja room, and the whole thing just turned into a semi-gloss nightmare highlighting every scandalous drip of the past.

It took about a day and a half to come to terms with what lay before me. I will now be sanding down the mess before priming and then applying a smooth coat of my crisp, glossy paint. It will be something to behold in 10 years when I have finally finished. Remind me and I might take pictures for you in all its gleaming glory.

Once the Ninja room is finished, I will proceed into the master bedroom (I can’t wait to get to the master bath, because there’s no trim work to sand in there!), and then to the guest room. Room to room, floor to floor (we have an upstairs, a downstairs, and a FINISHED BASEMENT! Oooooh!). I may even splurge and get a belt sander to move things along, or I could try saving a few bucks and hand some sandpaper to the husband. Perhaps that’s not a battle I want to take on (he did get me a house for our 10-year anniversary).

That’s where we’re at, folks! After moving around the planet for so long, we finally own a house. My heart is almost as overwhelmed as my brain right now. This is something I never really saw happening for us as a military family. We have achieved the American Dream (and all the headaches that go with it), and feel truly blessed as a family. This is finally the final frontier for us. Keep checking back for updates on my sanity as I boldly take my newly purchased paintbrushes to where they have never gone before.


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