Homeownership 102: D.I.Y. Heaven


Our 10 year wedding anniversary. We threw on the first coat of SW Repose Gray on our master bedroom walls!

Oh, yes, my friends. I am in D.I.Y. Heaven right now. Since my last post, the husband and I have been busying ourselves with moving everything from the apartment to our new home. The husband is experiencing euphoria from the thrill of purchasing power tools we never had a need for before. And the Ninjas have been busy adventuring all over the new house.

Speaking of the Ninjas, we managed to finish the Ninja room – with the exception of painting the doors, and adding curtains – before moving everything over. This was an impressive achievement and should be lauded for years to come (Ninjas keep you busy during the day, so you only have a few hours at night to paint things, thus delaying our speedy house painting plans). The Ninjas are now living in their new abode and are enjoying all things new about it (this means, “Mommy, there’s color on the walls!”).

Since finishing the Ninja room, we moved on to painting our room. As I mentioned, we chose SW Repose Gray, and it’s just as beautiful and calming as it looks in all the photos on Pinterest (because that is my only resource for paint colors). The trim is Behr Ultra Pure White, and it just gives the room that modern, crisp, clean look we like. I would post a pic to showcase the lovely, finished paint on our walls, but the room is a mess since we’re currently in the middle of a massive D.I.Y., in our en suite bathroom. So, you’ll have to wait until we’re done with that to behold the full beauty of our (my) vision.

Our master bedroom. The walls were GREEN!

Our master bedroom. The walls were GREEN!

First coat of SW Repose Gray!

First coat of SW Repose Gray!

Speaking of our en suite, I’ll just mention that it’s a beautiful mess complete with fantastic faux-aged walls that have been plastered to add a very interesting, brown texture to the floral wallpaper underneath. The effort that went into creating this is admirable. The fact that the plaster has been left on the walls for who knows how long, is mind boggling. What else can be said of this glorious, brown mess?

Never fear, my friends. The husband has gone gallantly into battle, sanding down the plaster (many thanks to you, Home Depot sales associate in the power sander aisle!), evening out the walls (thank goodness it’s not a massive loo!), and vacuuming up impressive layers of dust left behind. He’s just about finished, and then it’s on to spackle, and then primer, and then paint.

WARNING: The pictures below are of a graphic home-improvement nature. Avert your eyes if they are easily offended.


Must be spackled. That’s a big gap in the fabulous faux-aged plastered wall.


The husband has been power sanding …

Tonight, the husband and I went to war with the en suite’s mirror. You know, the typical mirror found in most standard bathrooms. It goes from one end of the wall to the other. Nothing exciting about it. We wanted individual, framed mirrors, so I researched mirror removal D.I.Y. on Pinterest (because where else would you research this stuff?). But, when I told the husband about the pry bars involved, he shook his head and talked to the Home Depot sales associate in the pry bar aisle for better advice. The sales associate shook his head in horror, and then told the husband to scrap the wife’s plan and instead grab some suction-bathroom-assist-handles-for-the-elderly (in the bathroom aisle of Home Depot, in case you were wondering), a hair dryer, safety glasses, and some duct tape.

Step 1: Tape bathroom mirror (you don’t want it to shatter everywhere, do you?).


Step 2: Apply suction-bathroom-assist-handles-for-the-elderly to each end of the mirror.

Step 3: Don safety glasses (We also chose to wear face masks because of all the dust from sanding.), and other protective wear. I borrowed my husband’s sweatpants because they’re sexier than mine. The Star Wars shirt is my own.


Step 4: Plug in hair dryer and turn on (mine is by Conair, in case you were wondering).

Step 5: Focus heat from hair dryer on glued areas of mirror to loosen glue (Home Depot’s sales associate said older mirrors are generally glued to the wall in five spots – the four corners, and one in the middle. Apparently, our mirror was an odd one. It was glued in six spots, all in the middle. My hair dryer didn’t start working until I pointed it at the middle of the mirror).

Step 6: Gently pull at mirror to break bond (be prepared, mirror may just pop right off).

Step 7: Mirror is shockingly heavy (should have donned shoes, in case of accidents), make sure you grab significant other to help you carry mirror off into the sunset. Also, try not to release suction on suction-bathroom-assist-handles-for-the-elderly. That would be bad.

Step 8: Rejoice at the blank wall before you and high-five your other half, like a ninja. Awesomesauce.


Step 9: Admire previous owner’s choice in floral wall paper from the 80s, photograph, and then remove.


Congratulations! You are now ready to prime your wall! We’re not, because we still have a bit of spackle to throw down here and there, but we’re almost ready to prime! Exciting!!!

Check back for more on our adventures in homeownership, and enjoy the lovely pictures of our bathroom’s current chaos!


Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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