Homeownership 103: Shut the Front Door!



Three years ago I started following Emily’s blog, when she published a post about her front door. Since then, I have been dying to do the same to my front door, when I finally owned one.

The time has come.

With an official permanent address and nothing else to do, I set to work.

Thankfully, Emily made things easy for me. In her original post, she provided a how-to with downloadable numbers in PDF. And so, with my numbers fresh off the printer, tape in hand, I stole my kids chalk, dug out my watercolor brushes, a can of Behr Ultra Pure White, and opened my front door!

Our front door is a beautiful shade of navy – my favorite color. Emily’s is lacquer black, elegant and stunning (secretly, I would love to paint my door lacquer black, but it wouldn’t match the rest of the house … thorn in my side). Here’s how I painted those numbers (or you could just read Emily’s step-by-step, too).


Step 1: Cut out your numbers, cover the back of them with chalk, and line them up on your door (yes, I consider that one step)! This was like rocket science for me because I love to measure with my eyeball and sometimes my contact lenses get in the way… Fortunately, everything worked out and I managed to evenly space and tape my numbers in a straight line (like a ninja!).


Step 2: Using a pen (because that’s what I had), trace over the number so it leaves a chalk outline on your door (brilliant, Emily!).


Step 3: Paint! I used my watercolor brushes because they’re the tiniest brushes I have. You’re going to need tiny brushes and a steady hand, unless you want to repaint your entire door because this is basically free-hand. I’m proud to say I colored inside the lines for all three coats of paint.


Step 4: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Because you’re done and now you want everyone who drives by your house to see how awesomely you painted your house numbers on your door!

This project took me two days to complete (day 1 ended with chalk outlines on the door and me reconsidering the project … because what if I messed up?!?!). In reality, from start to finish, it took me 2 hours. It’s a quick D.I.Y. that adds a bit of character and class to your front door, so why not try it out for yourself? If you do, post a pic because I’d love to admire your handiwork! And, Emily, if you’re reading this, thank you for being the mastermind behind this brilliant project!


Thank you for your lovely comments. I read and appreciate every single one!

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