Homeownership 103: Shut the Front Door!


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Homeownership 102: D.I.Y. Heaven


Our 10 year wedding anniversary. We threw on the first coat of SW Repose Gray on our master bedroom walls!


Homeownership 101: The Final Frontier

Our Dream Home!

Our Dream Home!


It’s been a while … but this is what’s been going down.

Yes, I know. It has been too long since that last post about my tardy posts. So, I’ve returned to update you with this post!

I’ve been busy. Knitting. It has become an obsession. Since my last post I’ve knit three throws, sewed two teddy bears and one quilt from one of the husband’s uniforms, and I’m currently knitting my first scarf. It’s all so therapeutic. You see, Ninja #1 will be going to pre-school soon (can you hear me sobbing buckets of tears?), so I’ve been preparing him (and me) for that. You know, making sure he knows about strangers who offer free candy and then shove said innocent child into evil getaway car. This is the kind of stuff I lose sleep over. The gentle click of knitting needles helps me work through the stress of letting my innocent Ninja go off into the world (more sobbing).

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(Ahem, I’m pretty proud of my crafty ways with a military uniform, so I’m showing off right now by posting these horribly taken pics because these things were not easy to make, folks. Military uniforms are built tough – for the life of me I can’t understand why… Many profanities were flung at said uniform as I tried to tear it apart and sew it back together, just so you know).

Other things have been going on as well. Ninja #2 just turned 2 (more and more sobbing), and he’s aggressively showcasing his penchant for “terrible-two” behavior. This behavior has generated a new fear in the sudden sound of silence during playtime …

I’ve also started selling Scentsy!! You know how much my Ninjas and I love their Warmers and Buddies (which go on numerous Ninja adventures, even to the grocery store). If you’d like to visit my Scentsy site, I won’t mind (ahem, click “Scentsy” tab at top of page). Along with this new venture, I’ve been considering opening an Etsy shop to sell my crafty goods. Yay, or nay? What do you think?

And, lest I forget to mention it, I am soon approaching a most important life event: home ownership. Yes, the husband and I have decided to finally settle down. The land of peaches seems to appeal to us, along with that sedating southern drawl and welcoming smile we get from everyone we meet. If all goes well, we should be proud homeowners by the end of the month.

The idea of living in one place for the rest of our lives is a bit overwhelming for us as a military family, but we’re willing to make the sacrifice for our Ninjas and start picking out paint colors. Tough decisions will be made over the next few months – I will probably require your opinions on all of them.

To help us in the home-buying process, we’ve spent our evenings (for the last three months), watching home improvement shows via Netflix. Rehab Addict is a favorite, as well as Property Brothers, House Hunters, and Holmes Inspection. Of course, this much research has put millions of ideas into our heads regarding home improvement projects we plan to undertake. Be prepared to join us on this journey (I know, you just can’t wait!!!).

So, that’s what I’ve been up to folks! I can’t wait to keep you posted on our home buying situation and my stress level! Wish us luck!!

Hide the Ugly!